Through this page you can have a chanel to communicate with the worldwide Arcadian, philo-Arcadian and Greek people!

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Our discussion Groups are finally addressed  to all Arcadia lovers and funs; they focus especially on cultural, history, literary, social and environmental issues with  regards to Arcadia. There are three Groups, located at Yahoo's groups and clubs, and one native communication area, the Arcadian Forum, located on our server. The languages used for the communication are Greek and English.

The communication areas are:

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E-mail exchanging, chat, sharing pictures, links and files, poll creation

Access and Joining:
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Group name: Arcadians
Group title:Cyber Arcadian Society
Group home page:
Group email:
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Message deposition into the Forum area, message customization, free opening of new discussion topics within an existing general thematology, enabling diologues, searching.

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No subscription is needed!
However there are some enhanced features enabling user profile customization (like e-mail-based support). For more information see Forum's Page and Getting Started Section on Forum interface.

Usage Instructions: see Forum Page and Forum's Getting Started Page

A yahoo-based Club. E-mail exchanging, chat, sharing pictures, links and files

Access and Joining:
Acces is free. No subscription is needed.
The Glub is moderated: all messages need Moderator's approval.
Club name: Arcadian Cyber Society
Club title: Arcadian Cyber Society
Club e-mail: arcadiancybersociety@yahoogroups
Home Page:
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