Traditional Music: "Experience and longing" by Stamatis Makris

CD coverThe work and the recordings of the teacher Stamatis Makris   (from the village Migdalia, Gortynia) promotes and diffuses the traditional music heritage of Peloponnesos and Arcadia. The significant contribution of S. Makris to the preservation of the Greek traditional music consists of 21 cassetes and 21 Compact disks containing original regordings of 300 traditional songs, followed by a book including rhymes and notes of hystorical and folkloric context. 200 songs among them where transcribed and recorded for the first time. S. Makris is the performer (instruments: clarinet, violin, lute, oblong folk drum) and producer of all recorded musical pieces. According to spesialists' comments, the value of his work relies on the fact that it preserves the "authentic sound and rhyme" of the traditional greek music.

The book coverThe work of S. Makris (*) has been widely recognized by receiving many favorable comments and critiques from personalities of the art, culture, government and politics.


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And now, exclusively from our site, you can download 8 songs in MP3 format from the work of S. Makris!

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Stamatis Makris - Experience and longing


Song title

Amarantos 3.98 mb
Apo mikri s' agapisa 3.28 Mb
Dio logia 4.17 Mb
Kalotiha' nai ta vouna 2.94 Mb
Kori poy pas sto potamo 3.36 Mb
Na' ha neratzi 3.35 Mb
O Theodorakis kathetai 4.18 Mb
Treis stavraetoi 6.46 Mb

(*) S. Makris: Epameinonda 39, Tripoli, phone number: 03071-237555, 0944-577814

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