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Through this page you can communication chanel with Arcadians and Greeks from all over the world!

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This Discussion Forum has been created to give to all worldwide (philo) Arcadians a communication chanel to exchange information and viewpoints about cultural issues of Arcadia - Greece. A magic land, an ideal place to be. Arcadia of our dreams and reveries...

This Forum is a special service of the Arcadia server, located at the Department of Computer Engr. & Informatics of the University of Patras.

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The Arcadian Forum is an open and structured communication area:

  • Basic Topics:On a first level general or basic topics are included. Each basic topic is devided into (a) a number of subtopics or conversations (containing messages), which can be created by the user and (b) subtopics created by the forum moderators.

  • To join the forum, no subscription is needed. The user can voluntarilly post messages, participate in existing conversations or create new ones, in a flexible and handy way.  Forum philosophy is open communication and dialogues' hosting in the context of the Forum's content. "Static" articles or texts are not encouraged. 

  • Both latin and greek character set can be used.

  • Getting a user account can however provide the user with additional benefits.

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Using the Forum - Navigation and communication

  • Entering the forum: The Forum interface includes two parts: (a) the Board Menu (left side) that contains the forum commands and (b) the page containing the output of a commad (right side). By default this page displays the list of basic conversation topics of the Forum (Localities, Culture, General, Genealogy etc), that is the listing of the Topics command on the Board Menu.

  • Listing of all contents: On the Board Menu, the comand Tree View lists the whole hierarchy (tree) of the Forum's contents.

  • Selecting topics and conversations: Both for reading and posting, the user must choose a basic topic (directory) and then a conversation item or subtopic.

  • Creating new conversations: If a message to send match no existing conversations, the user can create a new one and subsume this message inside it.

  • Searching: Searching topics, conversations or messages could be facilitated by using the Keyword Search command on the Board Menu.

  • Posting: To post a message, a user has first to type his message and then to give a username. "Anonymus" or any character string could stand for it. Sending his e-mail address is optional. If a user has already an account, he can make use of it by entering his username, and password. Accounts are obtained by the administrator or οne of the moderators.

  • Warning: Posted messages have to match the selected topic or conversation! Otherwise they will be deleted by the moderator.

  • Reading newcoming messages:The commands Last Day, Last Week and New Messages allow reading all incoming messages during last day or the last 7 days, or a given period, respectivelly.

  • Text Formatting:Users can use a set of special tags to format their message texts (character size and colour, using bold faces, italics etc.). More information is provided in Formatting section on the Board Menu.

Getting Accounts (Optional)

  • Getting a user account is equivalent to subscribing the Forum. This gives the user the following additional benefits: (a) ability to specify his full name and e-mail address to be included on his post, (b) ability to enable e-mail notification of all posts to topics he selects and (c) ability to change his own password. To have a user account, e-mail the administrator or one of the moderators listed on the Contact page and request an account. Be sure to include your e-mail address, full name, and desired username. You will be notified once your account is set.

  • Setting user profile: User profile includes the issues (a), (b) and (c) stated above. The command Edit profile, allows the user customizing his profile.

Arcadian Forum has a number of moderators, listed on the Contact page. Each moderator manage one or more basic topics. Moderators are defined by the forum administrator. There are several moderated topics in this forum (e.g. Arcadies_mod, Modiraia etc.). If you want to be moderator, please e-mail the Forum administrator.

Οn-Line Help
In the Documentation section on the Board Menu the user can find a complete guide for all forum features. For basic information go to Getting Started section. Additional support could be obtained also by e-mailing the forum moderators.



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