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Endless forest land shrouding lovely, picturesque villages and beautiful though short shoreline with lovely beaches at Paralio Astros, Tyro, Livadi and Sabatiki, form the land and seascape of the region. Parnonas and its beautiful though short, lavish monasteries, Tripoli standing on a fertile mount overlooking the plain of Arcadia, antiquities in Tegea, Mantinea and Orchomenos, the hillsides of mount Mainalo and picturesque Dimitsana, historic Astros, tourist pavilions at Vytina, Stemnitsa, Karitaina and the time-honored Venitian fort, Megalopolis and the naval city of Leonidion offer a variety of sights, to make your vacation a real joy. Arcadia borders with Corinthia and Achaia to the north, Eleia to the west, Messenia and Laconia to the south, and Argolis to the east, while its shoreline is washed by the Argolic Gulf all along to the Sea of Myrto.

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