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© 1999-2006 All material contained within the thousants of pages belonging to the ARCADIA web site is copyright. The ARCADIA site is created and maintained by Christos A. Alexopoulos in association with the Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics of the University of Patras - Laboratory of Pattern Recognition.

Except stated otherwise all material in this site is copyright © Christos A. Alexopoulos. E-mail:

Contributions by other authors may have their own copyright; this is stated in each particular case, where an additional copyright notice and/or author name is appended.

The contents of the ARCADIA site,,

that is texts, images, pictures, graphics, tables and videos are intended for personal use only. They may NOT be redistributed or reproduced in any form. In order to reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, modify, distribute or publicly perform or display (any) material from the ARCADIA site, you must first obtain our permission.

Additional copyright notices with notes and/or author names regarding other sources of information in different formats (e.g. such us video and audio sources: mp3, real audio, etc.), or certain authors' claims, may appear and apply on some specific pages.

The material contained in the pages of the ARCADIA site may be viewed and downloaded for personal, non-commercial use, but both material and copyright notices should be kept intact.

Within the frame of "fair use" teachers and students are allowed to download and print parts of the material for pedagogical purposes in the classroom only, with no further distribution, either commercial or non-commercial.

Permission to reproduce the images or texts in their entirety in the www is normally NOT granted. This policy has been conceived to protect the originality of each site, including this one, and to promote variation in the www. In most cases a fee will be applicable for permission to reproduce images in other media, such as books, newspapers, articles or television.

If you wish to quote or cite an article belonging to the ARCADIA site, credit the quote by using quotations marks, the name of the author, the name of this site, and the full URL.

If you wish to collocate or use an image (photo, graphic) or video belonging to the ARCADIA site in an entire document, you have to state its origin: the name of this site, the full URL and - possibly - the name of its owner, if any, featuring either in the "alt" description field of the image, either in its description text. If no owner's name is mentioned, you normally omit it, but note that about the 90% of the site photos and images belongs to C. Alexopoulos' personal archive, especially those belonging to site's photo galleries. A part of the rest are offered images, while the other part belongs to various sources mentioned in the development page.

If you wish to print or reproduce a whole article a fee could be applicable.

If you just wish to refer to this site as your source of information, then you should write: "The ARCADIA Website, University of Patras,"

If you wish to know more about the site copyright policies, please email the ARCADIA site at

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