Meeting of the Arcadian List Members

Saturday, JULY 8, 2000, Tripolis, 12.00
"Touristiko Periptero" Areos Square


Dinner at Pitteros' Tavern The youngest member of the list (Panagia's church at Tegea-Episkopi)



The following awards have been given to the winner Christina Tsardikos:

1. A meal, (holding in Tripolis) based on lagoto and wine by Spyropoulos
2. A weekend at Tripolis city in this summer (hospitality, all FREE!)
3. One-day guided travel to the arcadian place of his/her choise
4. A morelo (sour cherry) crate (produced in Tegea-Arcadia)
5. A rope (bunch of garlics) from Steno or Tegea
6. A case of "Loukoumia" (turkish delight) (made in Patras)

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