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asea.gif (19.667 bytes)The Municipality of Valtetsi, 210.243 m3 in extent, is located at the southwest side of the county of Arcadia. It is situated among the newly established municipalities of Skyritida, Falanthos, Megalopolis, Fallaisia and Tripoli. Within its ambit there are 19 villages; one of them is Asea.

Asea, situated at the county of Arcadia, is 20 kms awards from Tripoli and Megalopolis. It is one of the villages having a scant resident population but being full of life during the festivals and the weekends, when a great number of visitors are arriving from Athens. The summertime, a lot of emigrant people of Asea, coming back to visit their native village, are assembled there. Kato Asea is the administrative center of Municipality of Valtetsi.

The name of Asea derives from Aseatis, the son of the Spartan king Lycaon. Swedish and Greek archeologists have made excavations at the citadel of the ancient Asea. These excavations brought to light finds showing that the cultural presence of Asea had firstly appeared since 6000 B.C. The rich finds of the archaeological excavations are exposed both at the archaeological museum of Athens and the museums of Nafplion, Tripoli and Tegea. The two most important and exquisite temples of "Athena Sotir" and Poseidon, located within its area, are proof of the high cultural level of the city.

Historical references of Herodotus mention that Aseans were instrumental in the victorious battle of Platees in 479 B.C. as well as in the battle of Mantineia in 362 B.C. Asea, because of its very important strategic location, had a significant activity at the Arcadian confederation, founded by the Theban general Epaminondas. Its population had also concurred to the foundation of Megalopolis. For the sublime service that Asea offered to the Achaean Confederation during the 3rd and 2nd ages B.C., in 196 B.C. acquired the right to coin. Such coins made of copper with the inscription of Achaeans - Aseans are exposed at the monetary museum of Athens. Centuries later, during the Turkish domination, it had the name Cantreva. During twenties, Acea retrieved its name after the initiative of its population. Nicos Gatsos, one of the most famous Greek poets, comes from Asea.

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