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Association of Amateurs Servants of the Theatrical Art

(We are servants because Art is a lady who demands to serve her...)

We are building theatres and we're destroying them
wherever we stand wherever we are
we are building theatres and stages
but our fate always wins...

George Seferis

This year we celebrate our 15 years in theatrical events by staging the play

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from our special play's pamphlet


"Dafnes kai Pikrodafnes"

by D. Kehaidi - E. Haviara


Director: Mrs. Georgia Dalkou
Scenographer: Mrs. Katherine Papageorgaki

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Music from M. Hatzidakis song "Magic city"

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Pictures from our play

We have also on tour the play "Midea" by Bost

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From our special play's pamphlet

Our brief history

15 years ago we began our activities as a high school students' theatrical group. As we grown up we became a theatrical association and many other servants of art joined us.We used to count the years by the performances that we staged. We are all amateurs, directors, scenographers, costumes designers, actors, cast, supporting group, technicians e.t.c., and we offer all our skills to execute the best performance we can. Our efforts awarded by prizes in various festivals in Greece. For us, the most important award is the one from the Association of Greek Theatrical Writers for our contribution in theater.
Each year, we stage one play for the winter in our small theater (8 Fillelinon St.) and for the summer another play in "Maliaropoulio theater", the local theater of Tripoli. Up to 1998 we staged 21 plays in our main stage and 4 plays in our children stage. Our plays are from the Greek and international repertories including modern and classical plays.


Tripolis of Arkadia and its History

We are located in the city of Tripolis, which is capital of the perfecture of Arcadia in central Peloponnese, Greece. Tripolis belongs to the sub-prefecture of Mantineia.
Maparkadia3.jpg (18352 bytes)The history of the town can be traced no further back than the fiftenth century, when it was known as Tripolitsa or Dropolitsa. It developed very slowly during theearly years of Turkish rule, growing at a more rapid pace during the brief period of Venetian administration (1685-1715), when it became a centre for commerce thanks to its geographical position at the centre of the Arkadian plateau and at the intersection of the road routes across the Peloponnese. Tripolitsa acquired further political, and later economic, importance when in 1718 the Turkish pasha of the Peloponnese moved his headquarters there. In 1785-1790, after the Orloff revolt of 1770, the Turks fortified the city and made it their main military base. Among the important early successes of the Greek War of Independence was the capture of Tripolitsa on 23 September 1821, by a body of revolutionaries under Theodoros Kolokotronis. In June 1825 the town was retaken by Ibrahim's forces, but it fell to the Greeks again three years later, after a close siege. When the Greeks entered the town, Ibrahim set fire to it; Tripolitsa burned for nine days (7-16 February 1828) and nearly all its buildings apart from the public fountains were destroyed. The only buildings to have survived from before the War of Indipendence are the "Mantzouneion" or "Katholikon", at 41 Georgiou A St, which is now the Municipal Library, and the Turkish medresse or seminary, at 6 Ayiou Dimitriou Square, which successive tasteless renovations have rendered more or less unrecognisable.

(Taken from the "Cultural Map of Arcadia" pamphlet, published by the ETBA Cultural Foundation)

Detailed map of Arkadia

A few words about our current play "Dafnes kai Pikrodafnes"

"Dafnes" means laurels in Greek. Laurel is a noble plant serving to crowning winners of any kind... "Pikrodafni" (plural: "Pikrodafnes") is a similar but humble plant of bitter taste. The play deals with issues of the political moral and behavior featuring  in the modern Greek social life.  It  takes place in Tripoli, 22 years ago (1977), in the house of a solitary old man. Strange manoeuvres, machinations and alliances are happened among a small group of friends strongly motivated to the politics. Individuals' characters and relationships are at each time altered and adapted to follow personal occasional ambitions, resulting in unespected events and happenings...

How to contact us:

Mail Address 8 Fillelinon St. 221 00 Tripoli, Arcadia, Greece
Telephone 03-071-222769
E-Mail estr@compulink.gr



You can visit our pages to see pictures of our current play. Please click on the picture for better viewing of our work.
Sorry for the moment, all the other pages are written in Greek language. You can visit them with your own risk, but have in mind that "Fear the Greeks especially when they bring gifts"... We can also accept comments like "it seems all Greek to me"...


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